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 May 20:  Bred Heifers at Show Me Select 

Fall calving bred heifers will be offered at Show Me Select Sale at Kingsville Livestock Auction on Saturday, May 20. 

Take home our premium black and black baldie first-calf heifers with excellent health protocols, disposition, and handling. Lots consisting of two, three, four and five head will be sold.  These heifers continue our tradition of outstanding genetics and are efficient producers thanks in part to our health and nutrition programs. 


  • AI bred to Sydgen Enhance on 11/28/22, the No.1 sire for registrations in Angus Breed in 2020 and 2021

  •  The natural sired heifers are bred to Sydgen Angus bulls

  • Confirmed pregnant via sonogram on 2/16/22

  • Reflect a moderate frame size and weigh 900 to 1,100 pounds, requiring less feed and other resources than larger cows 

  • Raised on fescue and supplemented with feed and mineral to ensure healthy outcomes

For more information, contact Bruce Mershon

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