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Premium Beef for Your Table

Looking for a delicious steak or burger? You can be sure that our all natural grass and grain fed beef is tender, flavorful and nutritious. It's easy and convenient to enjoy our premium-quality beef directly at home! To buy beef, check out our Buy Beef page.  


We are a Missouri-based commercial cattle company with a century of farming, livestock management and commodity trading experience. We believe a cross-bred commercial herd produces the best outcomes. We primarily raise Angus-based cattle bred to Hereford, Simmental, and Charolais sires.  A carefully managed AI and natural sire program helps maximize  performance. We collect additional data on all heifers to ensure herd improvement. In addition, Mershon Cattle operates a stocker program that focuses on proper health and nutrition for maximum growth and development. We welcome your interest in our operation.



Year after year, our herd produces outstanding outcomes. We have DNA tested our base herd. Annual data is collected on heifers through regular ultrasound scans, pelvic measures and tract scores. In recent DNA tests, our heifers averaged above the lab's database average for all growth traits: weaning weight, ADG, yearling weight, and carcass weight. Our steers consistently beat the margins in marbling and ribeye area. If you're looking to improve your herd, Mershon Cattle is a great choice.

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Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of what we do.

We strive to improve each day and learn something new to enhance our operation. Mershon Cattle has been recognized with: the 2019 BIF Commercial Producer of the Year; 2018 Missouri Hereford Association Commercial Breeder of the Year; 2013 Missouri Angus Association Commercial Producer of the Year; and twice named Farm Family of the Year by

Jackson County, Missouri. Bruce is Past President of the Missouri Cattlemen's Association, and Tracey is a member of Missouri beef checkoff board.



Knowing we are temporary caretakers of this beautiful land, we work to preserve and improve it through sustainable strategies like rotational grazing and effective pasture management.

The care and welfare of our cattle are of the utmost priority.

That's why we employ a nutritional program and a careful vaccine regimen to ensure our herd and stockers are healthy and safe for consumption. We practice low-stress handling techniques and 

are Beef Quality Assurance Certified. We recognize that what

we do today, ensures that the next generation of ranchers will have the same -- or even greater -- opportunities tomorrow.

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