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Our Philosophy

Continually adapt to a dynamic beef industry focusing on growth and improvement, business and animal husbandry best practices, and research and innovation.

Our Mission

Mershon Cattle is built upon four generations of agriculture tradition. Our mission is to raise and produce exceptional beef cattle that ultimately provide consumers with a nutritious and delicious food source while working to preserve and improve our land and resources. 

A Century of Agriculture 

We are a commercial cattle company operated by the Mershon family in Jackson County, Missouri.  We've created an innovative Pasture Partner Program to raise and market bred heifers, pairs and steers. Our stocker program uses a similar business model, and both enterprises emphasize sustainable strategies.  


Our history in agriculture dates back over 100 years. Eli Mershon settled in the Fort Osage area of Jackson County in 1865 and shortly thereafter purchased his first 160 acres. The family has farmed continuously ever since, and the original farm is a designated Missouri Century Farm. We credit our success to the experience and support of our family and associates. 

Believing in the importance of community service, we are actively involved in agriculture through National Cattlemen's Beef Association, Missouri Cattlemen's Association, Missouri Beef Industry Council, Farm Bureau and the University of Missouri.


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